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Drawing Tikis

Tiki culture exploded in North America in the late 50’s and early 60’s as Hawaii became the official 50th state of the United States of America in 1959. In the late 60’s it had a fast decline, but there are still some dedicated artists who love the Polynesian art form.

In this class I will show you how I approach drawing a tiki, importing it into Photoshop and colouring it in there.

This class also features one of my favourite artists and long time tiki artist; Tiki Tony. He bring his wealth of knowledge and teaches us a brief history, as well as his approach to drawing Tikis.

This is a great class if you have any interest in Tiki or Polynesian art. Even if you haven’t considered it before, you will likely have a blast drawing your own tikis!

I look forward to you checking out the class!

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Ugly Sweater in Photoshop – A Smart Effect

This class shows a fast and easy method for creating an ugly sweater pattern in Photoshop. By creating a couple differently sized patterns, and applying a few filters, you can generate an easy to update file. As with all smart effects, you can swap out the artwork at any point. You can even use a photo!

There is no need to be a designer or illustrator as I will supply you with a few files and point you in the direction of where you can find more if you would like.

This class is aimed for beginners and intermediate users.

See you in class!

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Letterpress In Photoshop – A Smart Effect

Letterpress is a printing technique created by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid 15th century. By using wood, metal, or linoleum, you can press a design into paper giving it an indentation and unrivalled quality.

This method is a specialty printing technique still used today. Often, still on a Gutenberg press. But, there is one problem, letterpress is EXPENSIVE! So, if you don’t have hundreds, or thousands of dollars to get some custom letterpress prints made, this is the next best thing.

In this class I will show you how to easily re-create this effect with a couple blend modes in Photoshop. This effect is extremely easy and fast to make. I take this a step further by making it a smart effect. So you can easily swap out your design without having to re-create the effect every time. I will also show you how to use texture, and how to experiment with this effect.

This class is great for students of all skill levels. You do not need to be a designer, illustrator, etc as I will show you where to download images you can use, or you can simply use typography. If you are intermediate or advanced, you will likely already know how to use the effects this class covers, but you may pick up a few new ideas along the way. For example, how to get a texture to be more consistent in terms of lighting, to make it easier to edit and piece together.

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Color Grading In Photoshop

Color Grading is a method used in many blockbuster movies. It is the process of adding color (in most cases, complimentary colors) to your footage to add emotion and tone to your film. This method can also be used on Photographs.

In this class I will go over 3 methods of adding Color Grading to your (or downloaded) photographs. They are all really easy to use, and you will find it difficult to not use this method in all of your photos moving forward.

Be warned though, you will never look at movies the same again!

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Design (and Win) Your Own Custom Enamel Mugs

In this class I will show you how to come up with creative ideas, work on your design, live trace it in Illustrator, and apply it to a template for print. This class also comes with a huge contest! Check the discussion for more information.

Many thanks to the amazing Emalco Enamelware for the amazing quality craftsman ship in making my mugs. Oh and for sponsoring this class!

Check out their website at:

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Draw Your Bike! Getting Started with Vector Illustration

Illustration in Adobe Illustrator is a breeze. But knowing when to use the pen tool, and when to use some common shapes can effect your speed, technique, and quality. In this class I show you my process from start to finish for drawing a bike!

Although this class will be fairly basic, I showed a couple more complicated techniques, like creating a chain using a custom made brush. Or creating a sprocket with a couple quick steps.

This class is great for those who have a small amount to intermediate amount of experience. But all skill levels might find it interesting and fun!

Don’t have a bike? That’s okay, draw your car, skateboard, shoes, or whatever gets you around!

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Timeless Design: Create a Monogram Using Your Initials

What is a monogram? A monogram is a design overlapping or combining two or more letterforms. It’s essentially a fancy way of saying a Logo using Initials or an acronym. Monograms have been around since 350 BC. They’ve been used in religion, war, currency, and as a way for a craftsman to mark their name.

The best part of a monogram is they stand the test of time very well. You can create a beautiful monogram now that will still be considered beautiful in 100 years. Regardless of trends.

In this class I want you to use your initials and create your own monogram. You can use it for your company (like me!), or to stamp envelopes or whatever you want.

That brings me to the contest. For the first 2 weeks of this class, you will be eligible to win your monogram as a stamp. Just post your project to enter! See more details in the discussion.

I hope you’ll enroll, and make a sweet monogram with me!

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No Lights. No Cameras. Just Actions! (In Adobe Illustrator)

If you use Adobe Illustrator often, you may not realize how much time you are wasting doing basic tasks over and over again. With actions, you can easily teach Illustrator how to do some of these tedious tasks with little effort. Then you can sit back and make a coffee while Illustrator does the work for you.

This class is a great way to really improve your workflow and speed while doing every day design and illustration work. Whether it is as simple as centering an object vertically and horizontally, or saving a logo in 7 different file formats, you can do these with 1 click of a button. It’s a really amazing, and oftern underutilized feature in Adobe Illustrator.

So click enroll, learn some rad stuff really quick, and save a lot of time to enjoy life. Or whatever.

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STICKERS: Design, Setup, Slap – Win Your Custom Stickers!

Where do I begin on this class? Stickers are awesome! At one point or another in your life you have likely acquired a sticker that was so amazing you couldn’t find a worthy spot to put it! I’ve still got a drawer full of those.

In this class I am going to walk you through my process of designing, illustrating, and setting up stickers for print.

For this class, I have found the coolest sticker company on the planet to sponsor this class. They are and as I write this I am still amazed at how cool their stickers are. Don’t believe me? Check out their website or their Instagram @StickerApp and see for yourself!

So that’s it! Check out the class and let me know what you think!

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Gel Transfers: Make Your Own Simple Photo Prints

Gel transfers are an extremely inexpensive, easy, and fast way to transfer your favourite photo or piece of art onto a porous surface like wood, paper, cardboard, etc. Other than a couple house hold items, all you need is Matte Medium (which is essentialy clear acrylic) and some wood (or other surface of your choosing). That’s it!

This class will show you how easy and fast this process is. The entire class is about 12 minutes long! Of course, realtime you may end up spending an hour or so. Also, you do not need to be an artist or photographer to do this class. It is accessable to all people of all skills!

I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think!

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Pathfinder: Design & Win Custom Patches!

The pathfinder panel contains some of the most important tools in Adobe Illustrator. They will allow you to quickly manipulate shapes, in order to get precise vector lines or curves, without the hassle! Although this class is stand-alone, it could also be considered part 2 to my last class The Pen Tool. Knowing how to use the pen tool, shapes, and the pathfinder panel will allow you to create essentially anything in Adobe Illustrator with ease.

In this class I will show you how to use each tool in the Pathfinder panel. Using those tools along with shapes are extremely easy to use and understand, so this class will be a breeze.

The project for this class is to create your own custom patch. Thanks to my good friends at Apple Metal3 lucky winners will receive 30 Patches with their design! You just have to cover shipping. So even if you are an expert at using the Pathfinder tools, feel free to enter the contest with your patch design anyway!

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Here is the link to the class:

The Pen Tool: Design A Pin – Win Your Custom Pin!

The pen tool is arguably the most important tool in Adobe Illustrator. Once you know how to properly and effectively use it, it will unlock the ability for you to create almost anything! The best part is, it is extremely easy to use and master. Not to mention it behaves nearly identically in Photoshop and other Adobe apps.

In this class I will show you each aspect of the pen tool and proper techniques to get the most accurate bezier curves and shapes. I will give you a few small exercises to practice from and then show you how to vectorize your own illustration or lettering.

The project for this class is to create your own custom soft enamel pin. Thanks to my good friends at Apple Metal, 3 lucky winners will receive 50 Soft Enamel Pins with their design! 

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Easy Setup For Print: Design A Unique Card

Knowing how to properly setup a file for print can save you time, frustration, and more importantly, money. Avoid those tricky print problems you didn’t see coming, or that setup fee from your local printer.

In this class, I am going to be showing you how to properly setup a business card file for print. Whether you use Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, I will show you the best practices to easily set up files and make sure you get them to the printers without any unsuspected issues.

You may already know how to setup things like Bleed, Margins, or Die Lines, but chances are, you’ll pick up a few tricks to improve your workflow. If you’ve never heard of those terms, even better, this class is for you!

Wow this class must be boring right? WRONG! I’ve done my best to keep this class light, fast, easy, and fun. Not to mention the project should be fun, and as always, I have an amazing contest!

Why do you need a business card in 2015 with the wonderful internet? Because every once and a while you might just take your body away from your computer and run into a real human being! I know! And when you do, make sure you stand out with a top quality card!

Did I mention there is an amazing contest?

Here is the link to the class:

Creating & Applying Textures: Design A Pennant

If you are a designer or an illustrator, you have likely already stumbled upon this great way to enhance your work. Textures take a flat piece of artwork, and add a rustic and handmade feel, that can really improve your overall design.

Whether you have dabbled in textures, or you are just discovering them now, this class will show you a variety of ways to photograph, and digitally create your own custom textures from scratch.

It doesn’t matter if your style is precise vector shapes, or hand drawn and imperfect, textures will give life to your artwork far beyond anything you could expect.

This class will use both Photoshop & Illustrator to show you a variety of my favorite ways to create textures. Of course, textures can be made in an unlimited variety of ways, but this class will give you a jumping board to inspire your own creativity in creating custom textures.

Once I have shown you my methods for creating textures, you will then hand letter, illustrate, or design your own custom pennant, and apply one (or more) of the methods taught for creating and applying your own custom texture.

Did I mention there is an amazing prize? Well, if you think it would be cool to get your own design on a pennant AND a 1 year Skillshare Premium membership for free read the “Oxford X Brommet Pennant Contest” under the “Discussion” section.

What, you’ve never made your own textures using salt before? Well, this class is for you!

Here is the link to the class:

Designing With Halftones: Create A Dot Pattern Portrait

Halftones are an important part of daily printing techniques, most notably used in screen printing. But halftones have also found their way into iconic design and illustration because of their unique look, regardless of the application.

In this class, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Jon Brommet, will teach you the various methods for creating halftones in both Photoshop and Illustrator. Whether you are comfortable with one program or the other, you will find the best methods to create stunning halftone designs.

Although it is expected that you have a basic understanding of one of the programs (or both), you may be able to follow this class without any prior knowledge.

In this class you will create a bad-ass halftone portrait of your favorite pet, character, or yourself! You will have learned some cool new halftone techniques, so use one or more of them in your illustration.

See you in class!

Here is the link to the class:

Block Printing: Design & Create Your First Print

Block printing is a unique and inexpensive way for you to produce your own artwork on many different mediums. Because of the nature of the process, each print will have its very own unique texture. You can use your finished block to print on paper, fabric, wood, and more!

In this class I will teach you the basics of designing your print, transfering it to your block (or linoleum) carving, and finally, printing.

Even if you have tried block printing before you will likely pick up a few tips and tricks to help make it easier for you moving forward!

Here is the link to the class: 

On May 15th, 2015 I was also interviewed for a feature on Skillshare’s blog about becoming a teacher. You can check that out here if you are interested.